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Bradshaw 4-Hook Cordmaker

The premier 4-hook Cord Maker for Ply-Split Braiding that easily creates cords from yarn or ribbon.

An electric drill and drill holder are not included.Bradshaw Cord Twister

Bradshaw 4-hook Cordmaker
with outend and instructions.  $174


Ready-Made Mercerized Cotton Cords

Each cord is 4-ply, Z-twisted, about 136 inches long, and about 3 mm (1/8 inch) diameter. This size is well suited to our medium-sized (4.5 mm) gripfid.

We offer 11 colors.  $3.25 each

Cord Cords






Deep Turquoise








Purple Passion











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Gripfids:  The fundmental tools for Ply-Split Braiding.Gripfid Set

Set of Three Gripfids. One each of Small, Medium, and Large Gripfids.



Small 3.75 mm Gripfid. Compare to #5 knitting needle.



Medium 4.5 mm Gripfid. Compare diameter to #7 knitting needle. This size is perfect for our pre-made cords.



Large 6.5 mm Gripfid.  Compare diameter to #10.5 knitting needle.




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Books: Ply-Split Braiding

By Julies Hedges

Julie Hedges is a renowned expert on Ply-Split Braiding.  From her home in England she has travelled to Northwest India to study the origins of this art.. We strongly recommend that everyone interested in ply-split braiding use her introductory book as a guide to the fundamentals and a source of ply-splitting patterns.

These books are highly illustrated with color photographs.

Ply-Split Braiding, An introduction to designs in single course twining; including methods for Waves, Zigzags, Basket Weave Designs and Cordmaking. $32

 Ply-split Braiding An Introduction

Ply-Split Braiding, Further Techniques

Detailed instructions on advanced techniques including Ply-Split Darning, Single Course Oblique Twining, Plain Oblique Twining, and Ply-Split Hexagons.  $42

Ply-split Braiding Further Techniques

Ply-Splitting in 3 Dimensions

An Introduction to making vessels and Sculptural Forms $42

ply Split Braiding in Three Dimensions

Ply-Split Braided Jewellery

The emphasis of this briefer book is jewelry: neckpieces, bracelets, and earrings.  Please note that it is helpful to have one of her earlier books to fully understand the notations used in this book.  $19

Ply Split Braiding Jewelry


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Ply-Split Braiding